When Less is More: Lessons from Large Firm Blogs

A recent article posted on the excellent JD Supra blog for law firm marketing discussed law firm marketingwhat large firms do on their blogs to define their practice area and build their online presence.   A common trend in 2011, they report, was for firm websites to pile on great heaps of content and appear as a large conglomerate in something resembling a “corporate brochure.”  This pattern, they now point out, seems to be transforming to a greater emphasis on enhancing a site’s functionality.

In the great race to look big and powerful and draw an ever-increasing number of page views – whether by amassing tons of SEO-enriched content or through a slick web design – one vital point of emphasis is getting overlooked:   It doesn’t matter how many people are viewing your site if they are the wrong people.

While developing and sharing plenty of fresh content on a consistent basis helps to build reputation and solidify a firm’s position as a thought-leader, relevance is often overlooked.

The goals of a large firm’s website include turning a qualified website visitor into a new client without wasting time talking to non-qualified prospects and supporting existing clients.

This nugget is equally true for firms of all sizes.  It is vital to consider some key questions when you select content to be posted to your firm’s blog and social media outlets:


1.  Are you writing for business or consumer prospects?

2.  Does the look of your website reflect the size and scope of your business and potential clients?

3.  Is the tone/level of the writing targeted to the proper audience?

4.  Is the material distinctive enough to add value in a way that only you could?

5.  If you hope to have the content shared by colleagues, are you promoting it to facilitate that approach?

Developing and sharing relevant content helps to ensure that referrals generated from this effort are on target.