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As a new “empty-nester” I was eager to explore some culinary terrain that would have raised some eyebrows and wrinkled some noses while my teenage boys were home.  I have always loved cooking, particularly the type where I just open the fridge, see what’s around, and throw something creative together.

Yes, my hubbie and I enjoy the fact that there are no giant shoes, athletic gear, or backpacks lurking at the base of the stairs, and that the house stays clean for days on end.  But I’ll admit that in addition to exploring some more healthy habits, these musings and recipes also represent a new outlet for my creative energies.

I can still remember reading a delightful recipe years ago (cut out of the newspaper – remember those days?) that inspired me.   It was called “Reconciliation Soup”, and written by Isabelle Allende, one of my favorite authors.  Her narration was such an integral part of the recipe….more like a story intimately confided than a staid protocol.

“If you can’t find fresh mushrooms and must use the dried ones, soak them in ½ cup of good red wine until they spring up happily; in the meantime, while they’re soaking, I calmly drink the remainder of the wine…”

You get the picture…..join me?

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